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Glass Assemblies
Chemical and pharmaceutical industries mainly make use of glass pilot plant, the installing of which requires glass assemblies and other equipment and components. Our company supplies pilot glass assemblies to customers.
Heat Exchangers
Heat exchangers provided by is are accessible with numerous innovative heat transfer methods. These can fulfill all design needs and prove to be beneficial on many grounds. Supplied are functional as the prime thermal management solutions.
Standard Glass Units
Standard Glass Units are made to retain more heat. Their task is to reduce the heat loss. Also, these contribute to save a lot of energy. Supplied units are needed to stop the window condensation and ensure high level of comfort.
PTFE Bellows
Turn to us if you are seeking quality approved PTFE bellows and gaskets. You will get all types and sizes of these parts made from quality PTFE. These parts are needed for the installation of several industrial equipment and piping systems.
Glass Pipeline Components
We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Glass Pipeline Components that can be used to perform various test in chemical laboratories. There are many different types of such equipment availed by us at a reasonable price.
Glass Vessels
Glass Vessels are transparent and crack resistant containers that are used to store wide range of industrial chemical and test samples. These components are made up by using best quality heat and crack resistant glass which results in longer life.